Our Company
Welcome to The Greenwich Tea Company’s home. We at The Greenwich Tea Company love nothing more than enjoying a nice cup of Tea. We believe that Tea sits at the heart of English culture and day to day life. We would like to offer you a nice brew to start your day, to ease you through your day and to end your day.

Our Values

Tea and Conversation. That is our company slogan. At The Greenwich Tea Company will believe that a fresh teapot and a handful of favourite mugs bring a group of people together. Our values are simple.

  • Friendship – Tea among friends, old and new.
  • Support – Supporting local businesses and local projects
  • Society – Bring people together with a smile
  • Delivering Happiness – Providing a wonderful product for people to discover.
  • Impeccable Service – Life is short. Let’s live it with a smile.

Our Tea

Our Tea is blended in England. We work with professional Tea Blenders to ensure that our Tea is of the highest quality. We will be developing more new, delicious and exciting flavours so watch this space…

Our Collection

Everyday House Blend - Our pride and joy. This Tea has been blended to provide our Tea drinkers with a strong, deep cup of Tea with a full flavour. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

Essentials Range - The blends you just need and expect in your life. We have produced a premium range of classic and essential Teas. Our Range includes: Earl Grey, Peppermint, Chamomile and Green Tea. These Teas all boast many health benefits. Most importantly they are perfect little Tea bags filled with quality Tea.

Cake Range - Introducing our new luxury blends of pure goodness. Our Cake Range is made up of the nation’s most popular sweet treats. From Bakewell Tart Tea Bags to Chocolate Fudge Brownie Tea Bags. We have blended this range of Teas to give you a sip of what you fancy for 10 or less calories rather than a slice of the good stuff. You can literally have your cake and drink it! (Sorry...).

Christmas Blends - We have three new Christmas Blends this year. Christmas Spice, Christmas Cake and Mulled Wine Tea Blends. All are unique to The Greenwich Tea Company and taste and smell just as you would expect. Enjoy with milk or without with a warm mince pie (or two).