Tea and your Wellbeing

We all (mostly) love a nice cup of tea, but what are the health benefits? Got a headache? Want to boost your metabolism? read what tea you should be drinking right here...


Tea and your wellbeing

Does Green Tea Contain Caffeine? Here’s the truth.

Does Green Tea contain caffeine?

As the ‘detox’ has been the in thing to do for a while, a very common question asked is ‘does green tea contain caffeine?


Firstly, what is caffeine?

Caffeine is found naturally in leaves and seeds such as tea and coffee. It acts as a stimulant in humans and is a natural pesticide in plants. That is probably why our good old tea plant loves it so much; it kills off all the bugs and keeps the tea leaves in fine form.

The source of caffeine, be it the coffee bean or the tea plant, is what is responsible for causing the different effects the caffeine has on your body.

So, does green tea contain caffeine?

Yes. All tea (black, Green and White) all comes from the same plant, The Camellia Sinensis. Naturally the leaves from this plant contain caffeine. This means all tea starts with caffeine in it. The type of tea those leaves eventually end up as (Black, Green and White) is influenced by which part of the plant they are picked from and what treatment that have been through once they are picked. This also influences the caffeine content.

But does green tea have less caffeine though?

The average 220ml cup contains around 25mg of caffeine. The amount of caffeine which actually ends up in your body is a wide varying scale with many influencing factors such as age of leaf, water temperature, steeping time to name a few. The caffeine in green tea released slowly as well, producing a calming, conscious and focused energy.

Another thing to bear in mind is green and white tea is usually steeped in a lower temperature and for a shorter time which gives the caffeine less chance to dissolve into the water. This doesn’t mean the original tea had less caffeine, just that less of it was released into the water.


So it contains a small amount of caffeine, is there anything wrong with this?

As we are always told, green tea boasts an array of wonderful health benefits. These range from antioxidants (From B vitamins, folate, manganese, potassium, magnesium, caffeine and other antioxidants) to aiding weightloss by speeding up the metabolism and batting off all sorts of cancers. So do the benefits of green tea outweigh the issue with the level of caffeine it contains to our health?

Well. For healthy adults with no medical issues, it is generally agreed upon that 300mg-400mg of caffeine can be consumed daily without any adverse effects. So, with each cup of green tea only containing 25mg you are well within the limit deemed medically safe. Unless you have a medical condition whereby caffeine is completely off limit these levels are completely acceptable.

Decaff Tea.

Just a few points on this one.

Tea naturally contains caffeine.

All decaffeinated tea has been through a chemical process to remove the caffeine content.

There are no guarantees that all caffeine will have been removed.

If you are looking for a tea that is completely caffeine -free it is best to opt for a fruit infusion blend (i.e. no actual tea leaves present).

Happy brewing!




Wedding Favours Service

We launched our Wedding Favours service back in Summer 2014. Who knew Tea Favours were even a thing. We didn't.

It was after a number of different customers suggested that Tea Favours might  be something to consider. So we did.

Firstly we googled Tea Favours! We had no idea what they were or what they might look like. Three years on we now are seasoned wedding favour makers and have 3 packages to offer.

Tea Wedding Favours

Our wedding favour service is fully personalised to suit your wedding theme or style.

Each Hessian bag contains 'tea for two'. Perfect for a brew the morning after the night before...

So what are we offering you?

Personalise your wedding favours with us:

Choose your tag wording - include the bride & grooms name and your wedding date

Choose your tea blend - select from one our six blends

Choose your ribbon colour - choose from one of our six ribbon colours to suit your weddings colour scheme

Tell us your quantity and we'll be happy to take the wedding favour task off your hands

There are no minimum quantities, we can provide wedding favours for any wedding, big or small.

If there is anything extra special you would like please email us and we'll see what we can do...


Delivery information

Our lead time is 4-6 weeks, however if you need your favours sooner please let us know. Equally if you would like to pre-order them for a later date, just let us know the required delivery date

The Greenwich Tea Company x

(Tea Wedding favours extraordinaires)

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Iced Tea Recipe Cards Published

We are very pleased that our very own Iced Tea Recipes are now published and are free with every order. Our Iced Tea recipes compliment our loose Tea Blends. We have written one for each of our Loose blends -Green Tea and Red Berry Punch.

Our recipes are easy to follow and are postcard size so easy to have pinned to the fridge!

Our recipes are a healthy option and low in calories - less than 10 calories a glass and full of natural goodness. They aren't loaded with sugar, colourings and additives like many shop bought Iced Teas can be. A healthy option to drink on a lazy summer afternoon or at a BBQ. They can also make a good base for an alcoholic punch...

We hope you enjoy our recipes!

Do let us know what you think, we would love to hear from you. Please email us at mail@thegreenwichteacompany.co.uk

With Love,

The Greenwich Tea Company x

Country Living Fair – 19th March – 23rd March

The Country Living Magazine Spring Fair - Business Design Centre, Islington

We were at the 5 day Country Living Fair in Islington North London last week. Our stall was in the busy Food Hall with lots of other

Country Living Stand

Country Living Stand

independent businesses from around the Country. We had samples of all three flavours of our fudge out for people to taste (Chocolate is our favourite..) and samples prepared of all of our tea blends which were handed out to everyone who had a hand spare from shopping bags to take one!

The Country Living Spring Fair was a very fine display of luxury goods. Full of handmade or bespoke designed products. A shoppers paradise; a department store full of one off wonders... Easily able to fit out each room of your entire house at one event.

Tea & Fudge Tray

Tea & Fudge Tray


All this shopping is thirsty work... The Greenwich Tea Company was a wonderful place to stop for a refreshment for later, perhaps a cup of tea and a teatime treat? We had our popular 'House Tea Blend and any flavour of Fudge for £5' running and lots of people buying with Mother's Day in mind...


Country Living Spring Fair 2014

Country Living Spring Fair 2014

Thank you to everyone that stopped by our stand, sampled our products and browsed through our ranges. Also to the people who commented on how lovely our stall looked,  we are pleased that it warranted a complement. They were very appreciated.

Lots of new ranges in the pipeline so do keep stopping by our blog and shop to see what's knew with us...

We also have some new and exciting events coming up this year which are all listed on our website and can be find on the 'Where to find Us' page.

Thank you for your custom and increasing support.

See you at an event near you soon!

With Love,

The Greenwich Tea Company x


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