Top 10 Wedding Favours Ideas

You've just got engaged (yay!) but where do you start with the whole wedding favours thing? Let us start you off with a few ideas...

We really don’t like waste at the Greenwich Tea Company, therefore we have opted to choose 10 wedding favour ideas which are actual quite useful to your guests.

They aren’t the most expensive options or the cheapest (They are blogs for another day) however I do believe they are some of the most worthwhile favours to give to your guests as a thank you for attending your special day.

1. Miniature alcohol

There is no easier way of putting a smile on your wedding guests than offering them a drink. (obviously you can provide your non drinking guests with an alternative) There are lots of options on the market, some with personalised labels on the bottle which of course is a detail that will up the price. This wedding favour idea can be as expensive or inexpensive as you like. We have opted to show you a cheaper version. Just source an alcoholic miniature of your choice, maybe the bride and grooms favourite tipple, and order personalised tags to attach to the bottle. And there you have it, a free drink for your guests.

Etsy - Picture Credit

Here is the link to an etsy seller who can provide you with some stylish tags

2. Scratch card/ lottery ticket

Lucky in Love. A fun an inexpensive wedding favour which could change one of your guests’ lives… or win them a tenner! Who knows. Simply buy a ticket for each of your guests and put the ticket into a personalised pocket envelope and there you have it

Etsy - Picture Credit

3. Tea Wedding Favours

We couldn’t build a list without our very own tea wedding favours. We provide a fully personalised service providing ‘tea for two’ for each of your guests. Giving your guests a strong cup of English breakfast or a calming chamomile to ease that hangover, they will be thanking you the next day. Visit our shop here

Greenwich Tea Company - Tea Favours

4. Chocolates

We don’t know about you but when we’ve had a couple of drinks, our sweet tooth is at large. Why not provide your guests with something to nibble on late into the night. We've found these personalised inexpensive chocolate lollies on a site call

Letterfest - Picture Credit

5. Jam jars

This could also be a fun couples 'make your own jam wedding favour project' Pinterest style.. equally you can order them in. This one is completely up to your enthusiasm and time. We have selected the ‘make your own’ jam and buy in the pretty tags from the nice Etsy seller option. And they really are pretty. Good luck with the jam making! It will be worth it.

Etsy - Picture Credit

6. Hangover cure

This is a quirky one for you. This company make a herbal ‘hangover cure’ which is fully personalised. It’s fun, and will get your guests talking and the mood for a good night! (We think so anyway) get in touch with fauts potions and they will take it from there

Fauts potions - picture credit

7. Sweets

We would consider this next one to be a luxury option, ideal for small wedding parties. In this case you can make your own but these look so lovely we couldn’t not share them with you! We found these on and there are a couple of different flavours available. We’ve opted to show you the Gin and elderflower flavour and we couldn’t be more pleased with our find - Picture Credit

8. Drink at the bar

This might be one of our favourites right here. From the guests perspective, this is a luxury. When it comes to weddings, being a guest isn’t cheap. A free drink or two as a wedding favour will go down a treat. Trust us. Fully personalised, these free drink tokens can be found through an Etsy seller here -

Etsy - Picture Credit

9. Bath salts

After dancing the night away and being impeccable guests, why not treat them to some bath salt favours. Found on these favours are fully personalised with 5 options available. You can find them here - - Picture Credit

10. Mints

A relatively cheap option. Again you can make this favour idea as expensive or inexpensive as you like. This option is fairly reasonable. We found these on Etsy. Having been at a wedding and received a ‘mint to be’ style favour, trust us, a mint after a long day of drinking and eating never goes a miss.

Etsy - Picture Credit