What are Wedding favours?

What are wedding favour and when did they become a thing?

Wedding favours have become a staple feature on any newly weds’ to-do lists, but why? What are wedding favour and when did they become a thing?

Well we’ve looked into this for you and will spread our wealth of knowledge.

The History

At first they may appear to be just another materialistic part of the wedding and also another expense to add to the list. However, wedding favours are in fact filled with tradition and history. Wedding favours have remained a personal way to thank guests for centuries.

The origin of this tradition lies with the French in the 16th century who would present guests with bonbonnieres. A bonbonniere was fashioned of crystal, porcelain, or gold, and often encrusted with precious stones. The delicate boxes were meant to hold bonbons or other confectionery delicacies, at a time when sugar was a luxury item. Sugar was also highly valued by all, as it was believed to have health benefits. Sugared almonds carried additional significance at weddings, as the bitterness of the almonds and the sweetness of the sugar was thought to symbolise the bitter-sweetness of marriage.


It is impossible to say where exactly the tradition of giving gifts to guests at weddings originated from, however there is definitely evidence of the existence of wedding favours across the globe throughout history. For example in Greece the traditional gift was also of candied almonds. In the Middle East the bride gave guests five almonds to bless each of them with fertility, longevity, wealth, health and happiness. In Spain as in France, faith in the health-giving properties of sugar was historically called upon and guests were given small chocolates symbolising fulfilment and happiness.

So there you have it, a lot of history and tradition are attached to wedding favours.

Modern Favour Giving

In recent years wedding favours have changed somewhat, with brides-to-be opt for giving more unconventional favours. This could be anything from a personalised couple’s jams or a miniature alcohol to giving guests a lottery ticket or scratch card. Favours are often chosen to fit in with a particular wedding theme or style.

Ultimately, they are a fun way the bride and groom can give back to their wedding guests in a personal way.

So what will you choose?

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